Places Worth Exploring

I love to travel internationally. Here are some places I'm excited about. I will post links about them as I come across them.
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A blog about Montenegro:
This Dutch woman has been working and living in Montenegro since the 70s giving her the insight of a foreigner with the knowledge of a local. She gets out to explore the country often, and Mike and I used info from her site during our trip to Montenegro.

Peaks of the Balkans: 
I had heard about this project during my first visit to the Balkans in April 2013. (New York Times article here.) As a lover of The Wild East and mountains, it was just the kind of thing to stick with me. It sounds like a very beautiful yet quiet part of the world to explore.

In May of 2014 I had the chance to meet some visitors from Serbia and Kosovo through a local international visitor program (They were in Bozeman in conjunction with a U.S. State Department program.). They were here studying mountain tourism by meeting with local individuals and groups working in the field, and the program director wanted them to experience some "home hospitality" so I volunteered to host the group for dinner. One of the visitors, Virtyt Morina, works in tourism in Kosovo so he has played a major role in making this project happen. Very cool coincidence indeed.
Photo from the above mentioned dinner party. Virtyt is to the left of me. A post on citizen diplomacy is here and information on the international visitor centers can be found here.

Places from my past: Randolph, NJ, New Haven, CT, Laramie, WY