Where Are They Now? 2019 update on New Haven establishments

Cutler's, a New Haven institution
During my recent trip to New Haven, I was able to update the list I started in 2016. I'll post any updates, corrections and stories you have so share them in the comment section (You can post anonymously) or send me a message via the form.

Update: 2021 list is here: http://annvinciguerra.blogspot.com/2021/06/new-haven-establishments-2021.html. All previous lists are worth checking out as they have interesting stories and links.

New Haven Establishments, Spring 2019

Josey Wales, dive biker bar, is now a daycare center (Someone just shared the story: 
500 Blake Street Cafe is closed

Update 2.21.2020 - Just came across this info on a small ski lift that operated in West Rock Park, across from the current nature center. Apparently, the remnants of a rope tow and three trails can be seen. http://www.nelsap.org/ct/newhaven.html

882 – Cape Codder, Later Delaney’s, burned down in 2014. The lot has not been rebuilt.

879 - New West Cafe
520 - Village Pub
399- (The Moon - famous for the Nirvana show in 1991: 
379 – Edge of Woods
334 – (Third World International Café)

101 - (Rubber Match)

77 – Barnes & Noble (Formerly Yale Co-op)
65 – Apple store

61 - (York Square Cinema)
59- (Rhymes)
57 – Campus Customs (People tell me this was once the Boola Boola Shop)

53 - (Educated Burgher)
45- (Broadway Pizza)
43 – Urban Outfitters
29 – J Crew
27 – Barbour - A British clothier
19 – Lulu Lemon - Oh the horror!
1 – Patagonia (Formerly Au Bon Pain, before that Demery’s)
(Broadway & Elm – Yankee Doodle)

372 – Rudy’s (Now Three Sheets, a gastrodive)
338 – Fitzwilly’s (Now Box 63). This space was originally a firehouse.
316 – Ivy Wok (Formerly Daily Cafe)
272 – LL Bean

258 - (Yankee Doodle)

300 – Toad’s
288 – Yorkside Pizza
280 – Ashley’s
262 - J Press

68 – Miya’s Sushi
58 – Mamoun’s
43 - (Blessings - fond memories of happy hour here during college. Free food - does anyone even do that any more?)

272 - Anchor
266 – Elm City Social
238 - Palace Theatre is now College Street Music Hall

144 – Elm City Tap Room (Former Russian Lady) - This is a really cool (And big) spot - stylish wooden bar, cozy seating, multiple floors. I don't remember what it was back in the day, but I was there once when it was the Russian Lady. We went early in the evening and it was pretty quiet but something about the vibe was kind of sleazy. I had the feeling it turned into a trashy college bar where bad shit happens late at night. Any info about the history of this spot is appreciated - share in the comments section.

State Street
250 – Café 9

1228 – Elm City Diner (Now Tandor)
1227 – Rudy’s (New location)
1171 – Group W Bench (October 2020 update - Group W Bench will soon have a new owner. Let's hope it doesn't change too much. Be sure to read the article - it provides a nice overview of the store's history.)
1151 – (Duncan Hotel Building) Old Heidelberg/Thai Taste/ now being remodeled into the Graduate Hotel
1140 – Book Trader Cafe
1082 – Atticus Bookstore & Cafe

1104 - Harvest Wine Bar (Formerly Scoozi. I have never been here but have always loved their cool outdoor seating)
1000 – Clair’s Corner Copia
990 – Richter’s (Now Ordinary)
847 – Institute Library

Crown Street
263 – Louie’s Lunch
254 - Bar
239 – (
Boppers, a cheesy oldies dance club back in the 80s and 90s; Alchemy night club after that. Apparently, it started out as a popular jazz club called Clarence’s Court Jester in the 1970s.) - There were plans to turn this space into a music venue, but it looks like they've pancaked.Check out this 10.25.2019 New Haven Independent article to find out more.
216 – Uptown Upscale Lounge (Formerly The Palms/Hippo Club)
196 – Le Peep
130 - The Grotto

258 – Willoughby’s

161 – Viva Zapata

Koffee? (Formerly the Foundry Cafe, which was a jazz club. They were busted for cocaine and shut down in late 80s /early 90s)


Places We Miss in New Haven

Between Two Rocks takes a look at some of their favorite New Haven spots that are now closed. https://betweentworocks.com/places-miss-new-haven/

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