Concluding the Bozeman Development Series

Photos & Five Questions to Consider

Wow! My series of posts on Bozeman development has caused quite a stir. Thanks to re-posting by the Save Bozeman group, my most recent piece (http://annvinciguerra.blogspot.com/2017/09/bozeman-touring-midtown.html) quickly skyrocketed to a top-three spot on my most popular posts list.

My intent was not to take a stance about development. Rather, I aimed to get people to take a realistic look at what’s going on in Bozeman by taking a walk around. While some might think Bozeman is being“ruined” or getting “too fancy,” examples of everything from ramshackle to ordinary are out there. Bozeman is still a lively mountain town retaining a distinct character, and things are far from being ruined.

I’ll conclude my series with a few thoughts to ponder and several photos to enjoy.


This is Bozeman: Touring Midtown

Abandon City Center Inn, Bozeman, MT
As downtown and the west side of Bozeman continue to develop at an alarming place, development in other parts of the city is slow to flurish. Thus is the case with Bozeman’s latest urban revival area known as Midtown. Talk of revitalization has been in the works for years, but things are progressing slowly. In this post, we'll take a look at plans for Midtown and take a short tour of the district and the surrounding area.


Eclipse Stories From Alcova, Wyoming

Eclipse as seen from Alcova, Wyoming - That's WY
Thanks to the foresight of friends, I had the great pleasure of taking a five-day road trip to watch the Great American Eclipse of 2017. I had the luxury of viewing it with the knowledge, comforts, and convenience of modern times. A device no larger than my hand provided a soundtrack that further shaped the atmosphere for the event. The sense of wonder was palpable, yet I couldn’t help but think about how it must have felt hundreds of years ago as the sky mysteriously darkened. I was amazed for sure, but imagine my surprise was nothing compared to what our forebearers must have felt.

It was a “So this is Yale” moment and one that far exceeded my expectations. My friends and I agreed it was a primal experience, whatever on earth that means. Simple colors like orange, black and white took on intense, otherworldly dimensions. It almost seems foolish to try to describe the eclipse, but I’ve jotted down a few thoughts for posterity’s sake.


Eclipse 2017: Must-Have Provisions

Wyoming Eclipse 2017
Sometimes it seems as if getting a group of folks together can be a major undertaking. Hang wringing and dithering prevail. Something as simple as meeting up for a beer after work becomes a hassle and many times doesn’t happen at all. Other times, intricate plans fall into place seamlessly and a posse forms with minimal dawdling. Thus is the case with the upcoming eclipse.


Little Free Library Bashing

Little Free Library - book depository
A while back, I wrote about Little Free Libraries here: http://annvinciguerra.blogspot.com/2015/08/sharing-reading-recycling.html. Since the original post, I have discovered seven more book depositories bringing to Bozeman total up to ten. Interestingly, half of these have been discovered since May! Revisit the original post so you can find out more about the new locations!

During the same time, I also learned that some people are opposed to Little Free Libraries. I find this hard to fathom but two articles were brought to my attention. You can find them below. Check them out and feel free to contribute to the conversation.


Revisiting Bozeman's Roots & Contemplating Development with an Alley Tour

I first jotted down some notes on this topic in March and delays during a recent flight allowed time to revisit it. Summer is a busy time for building and reminded me the issue of how Bozeman grows is a heated one. I'll post this now rather than waiting to get my thoughts perfect. Feel free to add your thoughts (And photos) to the conversation.


Independence Day in Fireworks Crazed Bozeman

Fireworks Crazed Bozeman - 'merica
While it is a bummer to realize that I didn't go on a memorable adventure as I usually do over Independence Day (Read about my July 4 explorations and thoughts on the holiday by clicking here to see a list of posts: http://annvinciguerra.blogspot.com/search/label/Independence%20Day it was still a good day. I was once again reminded that while others dream of Montana and hope to visit, I am fortunate to call Big Sky country my home.

Mike and I spent a pleasant day in Big Sky and took a quick hike to Beehive Basin, a beautiful place but one we've been to many times. Nothing new or hugely inspirational but the walking time got me thinking about the firework situation in town. I've been meaning to write down thoughts about this topic for a few years now and the lack of big adventure to write up has given me the chance to record my musings.  


Book Review: A Little Life

As I've said before, it is hard to find time to write in the summer. The great outdoors and perfect Montana weather compete for my time and often win out over solitary time with my pen and my thoughts. With that in mind, I've set a challenge for today - write one book review during my lunch break from work. Here are my thoughts on Hanya Yanagihara's novel, A Little Life.


Travel Sketch: An Unexpected Surprise Above the Amalfi Coast

Sentiero Degli Dei, Path of the Gods' Italy
Although Italy’s Amalfi coast is well on the beaten path, hidden alcoves await those willing to go just a bit further afield. Bomerano, high above the sea is a surprising gem Mike and I discovered during our recent trip to Italy. We planned to walk Sentiero Degli Dei, Path of the Gods', from Positano on the Amalfia coast. Rather than take a bus back to Positano at the end of the thru-hike, we decided to spend the night above the sea before taking another path down to the coast the next morning. We randomly reserved a B&B in Bomerano in the Agerola Valley and were in for a pleasant surprise. With fewer people, cooler temperatures, and affordable food and lodging, it was a welcome change of pace from the coast. Here is an assortment of reflections…


Writing Prompt & Rambling Thoughts on Reivnention

I'm in the middle of a six-week writing class. Each session, we participate in a number of writing prompts with one of last weeks' prompts being, "Tell about a time you chose to change something about your use of language." I had a great time with this short exercise and decided to expand upon the theme in this post.