Recalling a Dream - Too Much Stuff

Some day I'll get around to chronicling the chapters in my life by writing about the reoccurring dreams corresponding to each time period. I wrote about one reoccurring dream here, and below is another, one about too much stuff. 


Lifestyle Apparel Alert - Kitsbow Cycling Apparel

Although biking isn’t my primary passion, I guess I’ve ordered enough biking gear over the years to be labeled a biker and as a result, a Kitsbow catalog arrived in my mailbox. Founded by mountain bikers in 2012, the company aims “to create the riding apparel we couldn’t find: A perfect balance of technical performance, timeless design, and impeccable tailoring.”


Sprinter Vans are So 2016 - Bliss or Die

Bliss or DieBy now, many mountain town dwellers are familiar with Sprinter Vans. These vehicles, sometimes regular van size, other times behemoth, are popping up like balsamroot on summer hillsides. They cost a pretty penny and are often further pimped out for tens of thousands more. We call these Sprinter vans whether they’re the Mercedes Sprinter version or some other type. A Sprinter van unlike all others showed up in Bozeman the other weekend and was parked a few blocks from my house.


Look Who Made it Into a Literary Journal!

Stoked to have my work in appear in CutBank, the literary journal of the University of Montana. They were founded by William Kittredge 1973. Wendell Berry, Louise Erdrich, Richard Hugo and more have appeared in their pages so I'm in good company. I received excellent editorial advices from their editor, and they did a great job with the layout.


Sunday Morning in Downtown Bozeman - Observations

Bozeman's a pretty trendy place right now and continues to go through change at a startling pace. Lots of complaints about things getting too busy and too expensive. I guess business owners and companies see dollar signs in their eyes when it comes to doing business in Bozeman. Here are two things I noticed on Sunday morning.


Coming Back to Bozeman: The Play

As some of you might remember, I had a play that was included in the 2010 Equinox Theatre One-Act Play Festival. A DVD was produced for the festival and I finally found someone who could help me get my play posted onto YouTube. Check it out here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bwJmW17twE
I had always wanted to do another run of the play with updated jokes and references. While I haven't gotten around to it, I did transform the play into a short story about a year. It was a fun writing challenge and I enjoyed tweaking it slightly to include newer local issues, concerns and references. See if you can spot the difference from the original.



2018 Snowpack Update or How Good is this Year's Winter?!

It's a question all avid skiers debate, and it's not an easy question to answer. A good winter depends not just on abundant snowfall, but on a magical combination of temperature, sun and clouds, and wind. Right now, Bozeman has the combination just right. No hugely epic storms but regular snowfall. Warm weather but no real melt-downs. Big piles of snow line the streets, avalanche hazard is reasonable, and skiers are happy.

What follows is a comparison of snow conditions going back to 2014. There are also a few links to websites that can help you geek out over snow and make your own conclusions.


Writing Exercise: SCARPA Gea Boot (Imitation Exercise)

In my writing group this week, we did an imitation exercise. We were to describe either a piece of clothing we own or were wearing in the style of the advertising copy in the J. Peterman catalogue. I wrote about my ski boots and decided to refine the piece here. It was a fun exercise and a great way to move my creativity in a new direction.


Hungry & Tired & Cold: A Three Day Juice Fast

Draft - my writing group will critique this on Monday night. Please feel free to leave your feedback.


Writing Exercise: Recalling a Dream

The sleeping mind reveals strange stories. I work up with this dream stuck in my head and decided  do a free-write about it. Perhaps I will work this into more of a story one day. What would the new-age crowd say my sleeping mind was trying to tell me?