Writing Exercise: Recalling a Dream

The sleeping mind reveals strange stories. I work up with this dream stuck in my head and decided  do a free-write about it. Perhaps I will work this into more of a story one day. What would the new-age crowd say my sleeping mind was trying to tell me?


Skiing the M

2017-2018 marks my 13th winter in Bozman, but only the second time I’ve skied the M. Lack of snow at its low elevation and frequent winds make good conditions on the M trail a rare treat. My first attempt was a socked-in, wind-effected mess, and I have always wanted to hit it in good conditions.



Musical Memories from the Early 1990s

There was life before digital photography and these photos prove it! Below are some screen shots from social media posts (Facebook kindly reminded me of one of them recently) I made to my radio show page. https://www.facebook.com/onthebuswithanniev/

I'm on the air this Sunday, 6-9 pm. I'm creating a special show for Christmas eve and am taking requests. Leave them here. Sorry, I won't play Jingle bells.

www.kglt.net - we stream live!


Bozeman's L Street Graffiti

GRL PWR, Grow a Pair, Bozeman, MT
If you follow this blog you know that I created it as a way to document my life and act a sounding board for my writing, an eclectic mix of a cyber-journal meets writer's note pad. 

Here is the latest. I want to post it before too much more time goes by. Still a work-in-progress...


Be an Outdoor Athlete or Just Look Like One

An updated draft of something I wrote a while back. I want to sent it to a glossy outdoor magazine, but I don't think their advertisers would appreciate it.


My Favorite Street

Al's Den McMenamin's Portland, Oregon
It amazes me how little is said in so much of today's travel writing. In addition to showing the reader next to nothing about a destination, much of the writing sounds forced and corny. On one hand this is depressing but on the other, it gives me confidence in my ability to produce a publication-worthy travel story.

I mimicked a cliched travel article a few weeks ago (http://annvinciguerra.blogspot.com/2017/09/laramie-travel-piece.html) and when I stumbled across this article in the in-flight magazine during a recent trip, I knew I had found my next exercise.

Mike and I gallivanted off to Oregon last weekend to spend time with his family in the shadows of Mt. Hood and catch up with my friend Jim Bergman. 



Bozeman Graffiti Wars

Bozeman Graffiti
More on development & updated photos from Bozeman's graffiti scene...

A while back (http://annvinciguerra.blogspot.com/2017/01/paradise-ruined.html)I wrote a piece about graffiti around Bozeman. The post specifically highlighted markings that have appeared on the apartment building and quartet of little white houses in a prime location on West Lamme. Recently, I passed by during a run and my curiosity was piqued once again. Upon returning home from my run, I went to the all-knowing Google to find out what’s going on. Below is what I discovered…


My Path to Musical Maturity

The latest work from my writing class. I took two posts from this blog and worked them into one. Great feedback from my class resulted in this piece. Your feedback is welcome.