Lost & Overlooked Ski Areas - New Jersey

Lost & Overlooked Ski Areas

Abandon ski lift  Žabljak, Montenegro
Žabljak, Montenegro - what's the story?
Of all of the places to ski in the world, skiers often forget about the lesser known spots where people practice the sport; the small ski areas, where many of us learned to ski, the abandon ski areas whose lifts have long stopped running, and the ski areas we pass in unsuspecting places.


On (Not) Becoming a Travel Writer

Dragon Bridge, Ljubljana
In my writing group the other night we did a poetry exercise, which lead to a whole evening of poetry writing. Collectively, we don't really know much about poetry, but we all agreed it was pretty free-form. With poetry fresh in my mind I wrote this poem during lunch today.


Beehive Basin Snow Measuring Stick

The wildnerness boundary sign in Beehive is a great place to measure the snowpack.I'm reposting this so it's at the top of my blog. Social media is alive with people raving about the great early seasons snow conditions in Southwest Montana. Several are saying conditions are currently as good as they normally are in mid-January. Are we really that lucky or is it just early season stoke that prompt these comments? If you want to get an idea of how much snow has accumulated, take a look at snowpack levels as I've found them in Beehive Basin over the years. The photos don't lie. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to see the difference in snowpack between March 5, 2016 and November 12, 2018.


Channeling Your Inner Mary Ann

RIP Mary Ann Vinciguerra
L-R: My grandfather, my aunt Tippy holding me, my mother
March 2, 1934 - October 1, 2018


Aroma: A Poem

Although I've never been drawn to to poetry as either as a reader or a writer,  Henry Hugh's reading at the Country Bookshelf back in September had gotten me thinking about poetry. I've been working on my writing practice in recent years, taking classes, reading books on the craft, and trying to mimic styles and articles that capture me. There's something in the way poets use a brevity of words and the artistic layout of their work that I feel certain can help my writing. Maybe I should write a poem? 

The few poems I painfully wrote in an undergraduate creative writing class were my last attempt at poetry. What makes a poem? Certainly they are more than the rhyming mess of words I typed out all those years ago. It was time to write a poem so I sat down and did it. Reading up on how to do it can come later.



Writing Exercise: Youthful Job Aspirations

I have never really known what I wanted to be and still don't. Early aspirations included driving a school bus and working at Dairy Queen. Once those goals faded, I wanted to be a novelist. After that, I never had an answer for the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" 

I did know I wanted to be important and powerful with a sophisticated sense of style. 



Postcard from Slovenia

Triglav Summit Rooftop of Slovenia
Triglav Summit
My trip to Slovenia ended weeks ago and I am finally getting around to posting a few thoughts. Such an inspiring place, so much to say about. I'll start with these few words and hope to post more later.