Be an Outdoor Athlete or Just Look Like One

An updated draft of something I wrote a while back. I want to sent it to a glossy outdoor magazine, but I don't think their advertisers would appreciate it.


My Favorite Street

Al's Den McMenamin's Portland, Oregon
It amazes me how little is said in so much of today's travel writing. In addition to showing the reader next to nothing about a destination, much of the writing sounds forced and corny. On one hand this is depressing but on the other, it gives me confidence in my ability to produce a publication-worthy travel story.

I mimicked a cliched travel article a few weeks ago (http://annvinciguerra.blogspot.com/2017/09/laramie-travel-piece.html) and when I stumbled across this article in the in-flight magazine during a recent trip, I knew I had found my next exercise.

Mike and I gallivanted off to Oregon last weekend to spend time with his family in the shadows of Mt. Hood and catch up with my friend Jim Bergman. 



Bozeman Graffiti Wars

Bozeman Graffiti
More on development & updated photos from Bozeman's graffiti scene...

A while back (http://annvinciguerra.blogspot.com/2017/01/paradise-ruined.html)I wrote a piece about graffiti around Bozeman. The post specifically highlighted markings that have appeared on the apartment building and quartet of little white houses in a prime location on West Lamme. Recently, I passed by during a run and my curiosity was piqued once again. Upon returning home from my run, I went to the all-knowing Google to find out what’s going on. Below is what I discovered…


My Path to Musical Maturity

The latest work from my writing class. I took two posts from this blog and worked them into one. Great feedback from my class resulted in this piece. Your feedback is welcome.


Exploring an Under-the-Radar Gem: Laramie, Wyoming

Mimicking the Cliched Travel Article

One good writing exercise is the imitation exercise: find an article in a magazine and mimic its style on a different topic. Recently, I came across a city profile in a popular travel magazine and decided to use it as the starting point for my essay. The author of the original piece works in the restaurant industry and is a judge on one of television's well-known cooking programs. The article didn't provide too many concrete details nor did it make a compelling case to visit the city. But if you're a star in the culinary world I guess that gives you authority to write in a well-distributed publication, even if you don't say a whole lot.

As I read over what I wrote, I will say I have succeed in mimicking the flowery language found in the original piece. I can't say I have created a journalistic masterpiece, but it was a fun and easy exercise. At some point, I will rewrite this story with more concrete detail and less travel-writing fluff.


Braided Essay - Antelope & Gymnastics

In my writing class last week, one of our exercises was the braided essay. We were instructed to pick a wild animal and an experience we are proud of. We were then given four minutes to weave these two seemingly distinct things into a playful essay that connected them. Many of us found the topics we choose were connected even if we didn't know it at the time. I chose antelope and gymnastics, and had so much fun with the exercise that I decided to expand upon it here. 


Concluding the Bozeman Development Series

Photos & Five Questions to Consider

Wow! My series of posts on Bozeman development has caused quite a stir. Thanks to re-posting by the Save Bozeman group, my most recent piece (http://annvinciguerra.blogspot.com/2017/09/bozeman-touring-midtown.html) quickly skyrocketed to a top-three spot on my most popular posts list.

My intent was not to take a stance about development. Rather, I aimed to get people to take a realistic look at what’s going on in Bozeman by taking a walk around. While some might think Bozeman is being“ruined” or getting “too fancy,” examples of everything from ramshackle to ordinary are out there. Bozeman is still a lively mountain town retaining a distinct character, and things are far from being ruined.

I’ll conclude my series with a few thoughts to ponder and several photos to enjoy.


This is Bozeman: Touring Midtown

Abandon City Center Inn, Bozeman, MT
As downtown and the west side of Bozeman continue to develop at an alarming place, development in other parts of the city is slow to flurish. Thus is the case with Bozeman’s latest urban revival area known as Midtown. Talk of revitalization has been in the works for years, but things are progressing slowly. In this post, we'll take a look at plans for Midtown and take a short tour of the district and the surrounding area.


Eclipse Stories From Alcova, Wyoming

Eclipse as seen from Alcova, Wyoming - That's WY
Thanks to the foresight of friends, I had the great pleasure of taking a five-day road trip to watch the Great American Eclipse of 2017. I had the luxury of viewing it with the knowledge, comforts, and convenience of modern times. A device no larger than my hand provided a soundtrack that further shaped the atmosphere for the event. The sense of wonder was palpable, yet I couldn’t help but think about how it must have felt hundreds of years ago as the sky mysteriously darkened. I was amazed for sure, but imagine my surprise was nothing compared to what our forebearers must have felt.

It was a “So this is Yale” moment and one that far exceeded my expectations. My friends and I agreed it was a primal experience, whatever on earth that means. Simple colors like orange, black and white took on intense, otherworldly dimensions. It almost seems foolish to try to describe the eclipse, but I’ve jotted down a few thoughts for posterity’s sake.


Eclipse 2017: Must-Have Provisions

Wyoming Eclipse 2017
Sometimes it seems as if getting a group of folks together can be a major undertaking. Hang wringing and dithering prevail. Something as simple as meeting up for a beer after work becomes a hassle and many times doesn’t happen at all. Other times, intricate plans fall into place seamlessly and a posse forms with minimal dawdling. Thus is the case with the upcoming eclipse.