The Bar in the Dream - Exploring a Sense of Place

Plonk, a Bozeman, Montana wine bar
Plonk in Bozeman
Years ago, a neighborhood pub would appear in my dreams. This was a welcoming, comfortable place where my friends and I would gather, a spot we considered "ours." In the dreams, the pub always retained a pleasant, low-key vibe without any rowdiness or drunken shenanigans. Upon waking, the image of the bar along with the feelings it conjured hung over me like a warm robe, and I'd start the day off happy with strong feelings of comfort, connection and friendship.


Bob Dylan & the American Love Affair with the Road

Celebrating American Pride Through A Chrysler Commercial

I've been thinking about road trips recently. Partially because I recommended them in a recent post and partially because Mike and I recently took one. It had been several years since I embarked on a long car trip and I was reminded of the excitement that comes with hitting the American road.

Vast distances and inadequate public transportation make having one's own wheels a necessity for many Americans, and so many towns and cities have developed and grown with the car in mind. Given these realities is it any wonder that Americans are big fans of the car and the open road?

A Super Bowl commercial from 2014, featuring Bob Dylan, perfectly captures not only the essence of the American love affair with cars but our strong sense of identity and American pride.


This is Bozeman - Retelling the Story

A Work-in-Progress

Mike and I walked in the rain to meet Cathy and Don for dinner at a place that screams, "I'm a pizza parlor," while offering gluten-free and sprouted grain crusts.