The Cinnamon Lodge: An Under-Rated Gem in the Gallatin Canyon

Big Sky, MTNumerous commercial properties dot Highway 191 between Big Sky and Yellowstone National Park. Some of them, like the Corral and Rainbow Ranch, have stellar reputations and are local institutions that we are drawn back to again and again. Other establishments, such as the Cinnamon Lodge, have been around forever and are an under-rated gem.


Where Have All the Gear Shops Gone?

It seems like every time you open a magazine, Bozeman appears in another 'Top Ten" list. Best
college towns; best places to retire; 25 places you must visit now; the list goes on and on. Outdoor activities are a big reason Bozeman makes these lists and it is not surprising that locals and visitors alike take advantage of these amenities.  With six great mountain ranges nearby and endless opportunities for exploration, Bozeman is truly a town with outdoor recreation at its core. So one would think we'd have an abundance of stores to buy equipment for said activities. The sad reality is that gear shops, at least the ones catering to technical skiing, climbing and mountaineering, are dwindling in number.


West Yellowstone, An Unexpected Backcountry Destination

Greyling Creek, Yellowstone National Park
Leaving our mark near Greyling Creek
With my ski bum days behind me for the time being, I find that I am eager to get in an extra day of skiing whenever the opportunity makes itself available. Sure, I get out for a short skate ski on the town trails two or three nights a week after work, but that's not the same as putting in a long day in the backcountry.