Turning to the Blue Examination Book For Inspiration

As my 40s march on at an alarming pace, I still debate the big question, "What am I going to
do with my life?!"

I think of the things I have done (Gone to school, worked for 15 years in the non-profit sector, worked for 15 months at the university) and the things I would like to do (A big ???) and compare them to my career goals as a child. Could the answer be there? Perhaps.


What on Earth is an Apple-Knocker?!

What on earth is an apple-knocker?My cousins and I have contemplated this for decades. Our grandmother, Helen LaVanco Manno, was a vivacious woman who was quick to laugh and provide witty commentary on life and the people around her. The term "apple-knocker" was one of the most colorful words we learned from her musings.