Sharing, Reading, Recycling

I have long been a big fan of books, reading and libraries. My enthusiasm started at a young age, and I have fond memories of the library and library class at Fernbrook School as well as youth library programs at the Randolph Public Library. Given my enthusiasm for books and libraries, I have been quite delighted to see that free, neighborhood-based "libraries" have started to appear throughout Bozeman.


These Three Things I Know...

Lately it seems I've been surrounded by know-it-alls. It is always enlightening to listen to these individuals in a conversation and see the passion they put into discussing/arguing subjects whether they are knowledgeable about them or not. The social scientist in me is fascinated with the know-it-all and ponders what might be going in his or her mind.
I could tell you a thing of two about the Wild East but only if you ask.


An Overlooked Gem: The Sky Rim Trail in Yellowstone

This year's Independence Day adventure was quite the contrast to last year's (http://annvinciguerra.blogspot.com/2014/10/the-truth-about-skiing-blaze.html). Rather than skiing 1,600+ vertical feet of perfect summer snow, Mike and I spent three days hiking from Teepee Creek to Specimen Creek via the Sky Rim Trail. It was a glorious walk in some of Yellowstone National Park's most easily accessible high country.