Types of Snow - How Many Have You Skied?

I've been thinking about snow a lot as we have been skiing in Southwest Montana for a few weeks now. Several springs ago, at the time of year when snow and ski conditions were changing rapidly, a friend commented on my use of the term “chicken heads” to describe the ski conditions at Bridger Bowl.  Given that I was unemployed at that time and had a lot of time on my hands, I came up with a list of words to describe snow and ski conditions.


A First-Hand Account of Activities From 11 Years Ago Today

Since I couldn't find anything to write about today, I decided to share a first-hand account of what happened on September 11, 2001. This text is copied directly from an email I have saved and is in response to my original email titled, "What Did You See?" It was written by a relative that is not only an artist and a musician, but a great story-teller.


High Performance Gear – A Clever Choice?

Dom Turysty, Zakopane, Poland near the Tatra Mountains
My British travel companion Andrew limped towards me in pain. Blisters again. “That’s what you get for wearing brand new leather hiking boots,” I thought to myself.

“And why don’t you get yourself a pair of lightweight trail shoes?” I added silently. ‘They’ll surely help you move faster.”

I contemplated all of this as I soaked in the magnificent view from the summit of Rysy, a 2,499-metre peak in the High Tatras that straddles the Slovakia and Poland boarder. Andrew and I spent the prior day hiking to Chata Pod Rysy, a mountain hut precariously situated below Rysy’s summit. We woke to a noisy room filled with rambunctious Czech climbers eager to attack the nearby crags and after a hearty Slovakian breakfast, we were off to Rysy.