Calling It Quits on My Big Read

As for the big read a mentioned back in March, I have decided to abandon it about 100 pages from the end. I made steady progress from the time of the post until I left for a holiday in May (It was too big of a book to bring with me) and when I returned in early June I made some progress. Eventually summer moved along and other books made their way into my life. It became that I couldn't even make it through a simple ten page chapter of the big read. I tried for most of the fall but it was not to happen. I returned the book to the library yesterday. Perhaps I will pick it up for the third time in about another 20+ years but for now I am through with it.


Taking the Long Way Around - A Hiking Adventure on the Way to the Montenegrin Coast

Majstori is a charming village in Montenegro. From here, hiking paths go off in all directiosn and offer the adventurer a chance for peaceful reflection in nature.I am realizing that while I included a brief write up on our three day walk in Montenegro in my previous post, the story would not be complete without going into detail about our last day of the trek.


Backpacking Stats

Ladder of Kotor as seen from across the bay.
Last summer I compiled a list of hiking highlights in a post so I thought I'd do a similar post this year. This summer was another stellar time for outdoor adventures and Mike continues to be a good activity partner. Thanks to him, it was the most backpacking I had ever done in one summer.