A-List Guide to Obtaining Dual Citizenship

Italian Consulate San Francisco, USA
Consolato Generale d'Italia
a San Francisco
It’s been over a year since I became a dual citizen and received my coveted EU passport. My dual citizenship with Italy was recognized in August 2014, and I went to San Francisco that November to get my passport. It is quite thrilling to find myself in this newfound status and all that it offers. Dual citizenship is a fortunate thing, but I wish I had thought of looking into it years ago when it would have been easier to actually “do” something with it. As it is, I often dream of living abroad and now I have the ability to do so in Italy and elsewhere in the EU with a lot less hassle.


The DJ Suggests...Musical Recommendations for 2016

It's year three for the holiday card (year one and year two) and once again I'm glad to share some photos and musical recommendations with family and friends.


The (Not-So) Great American Train Ride

When I was younger, a growing sense of wanderlust found me longing to embark on a long distance train ride. Whether it was traveling from country to country in Europe or getting "a chance to see the real America" (as folks sometimes say), it seemed like a good way to go.


"So This is Yale" Moments

Yes, it was all I expected it would be
As an undergraduate, I attended a university located in the same city as Yale University. To this day I can recall a t-shirt I saw for sale in the Yale Co-op . It featured Charles Schutltz's Peanuts characters staring up at a big Gothic building on the Yale campus and included the caption "So This is Yale."


Mac Daddiez - A Delightful Treat for the Mountain Athlete

December is here but where is winter?! While weather in Bozeman was looking up for a while with a few small storms and cooler temperatures, it is now warmer and the long-term forecast (Ten day, according to the Weather Channel) isn't looking too good with temperatures in the 40s and questionable chances for snow. Despite the not so great start to the ski season, Mike and I have managed to get out for some skiing over the past few weekends. Nothing rave about and no great long days in the backcountry, but it was skiing none the less and that is always a good thing.