Making a Sound Investment: Thoughts on Giving

Today, I sent University of Wyoming a check to upgrade my lifetime alumni association membership to the "gold" level. Since earning my M.A. from UW in 1996, I have given to the university and now find that I have a hard time resisting their appeals for support.


Contemplating Wild Beauty

My recent trip to Montenegro with Mike marked my third time in the country and his first. I have a passion for traveling in the Wild East and Montenegro, with its rugged mountains, beautiful coast, and off-beaten-path feel, has all of the elements I look for when traveling abroad. 


Reflections on the Wild East

It all started with a trip to Prague in 2000. I was there with one of my favorite travel buddies, the vibe was vibrant yet low-key, and the dollar was strong. It was 11 years after the fall of communism and a palpable sense of discovery was felt by locals and travelers alike. It was then that I fell in love with the Wild East.