Must-Do American Activities - A Guide for Foreign Graduate Students

If I think back to 1993, I recall how exciting it was to move from Connecticut to Wyoming to attend graduate school.  I imagine that excitement must be ten-fold for the foreign student coming to the United States. Given my fond memories of this time in my life and the fact that my current job has me working with graduate students, graduate school often crosses my mind.

My friend Nina from Serbia just arrived in Ohio to attend graduate school so while she has visited the United States in the past, it will be a completely different experience now that she is making America her home for a few years. I contemplated what I'd suggest to her and all of the other foreign graduate students coming to the United States for graduate school. There are so many things to do yet so few experiences are truly unique these days. Is there anything left that is truly American to recommend? I'm not sure but I have come up with three must-do activities for foreign graduate students studying in the United States.

Below is what the A-List has to say about music, road trips and football.



Naughty By Nature's Hip Hop Hooray, A Guilty Pleasure

The Parlor Bar, Laramie, Wyoming
Dance Club, Laramie Style
Studio 360 is a cool variety show that is on KGLT right before my radio show. At the end of last week’s program, right before I went on the air, host Kurt Anderson sent out a call for stories of “guilty pleasures,” the corny things in life we dig, but often keep to ourselves. Everyone has a guilty pleasure, those pieces of music or film or pop culture, clothing or whatever, that we like despite its cheesiness and lack of high regard. For me one of my guilty pleasures is Naughty By Nature's Hip Hop Hooray.