Geeking Out About Snow Conditions

Sking the Great One in July
Avid skiers like to talk about skiing and if you’ve been at it long enough, the talk will go beyond deep powder and epic runs and will eventually take on a more technical nature. Yes, folks begin to “geek out” about snow conditions.


Life’s Lessons Learned from the Movie Scrapple

The movie Scrapple, it's a classic
Take care of your family and friends Whether it’s an injured brother in a VA hospital, a pal dealing with relationship troubles or a good friend dealing with some heavy shit, the folks in Scrapple set an excellent example of how to take care of one another.

Don’t lay your head trips on others and if you do, be sure to apologize Poor Tom. He sure had a lot of thoughts running through that handsome head of his. Whether he blows off Beth or looses his cool with Al Dean, he is always quick to apologize. He's a solid guy and will be even more so once he sorts out his life.

Some Nirvana's are close to home...

Head out looking for Nirvana
Errol the Aussie had the right idea in Scrapple. It has always been important to me to live someplace I’m excited about so I’d add that life is too short to live someplace dull. I also extend the idea of finding Nirvana to the activities you participate in and the places you visit.  

...while others are far away

Have irons in the fire
Beth leaves Ajax and heads to San Francisco as planned, Tom gets over Woody and moves on with life, Al Dean scores his house on Spruce Street. As the kind of gal that makes things happen, these characters resonate with me. Whether it’s a successful fundraising campaign for work, a memorable party in my home or a fun day in the backcountry with a group of friends, I’m always scheming something. I try to strike a balance between having plans for things and letting life happen as it does. If the “stoned out ski bums” in Scrapple can make things happen so can you.

Dream your life, live your dreams, dig yourself
Need I say more.
Living my dreams