A-List Names Blackbird "Best Pizza in Bozeman"

We've all been in this situation. You're out having pizza with friends. Someone exclaims, "This is the best pizza in town!" Inevitably someone else chimes in, "No way. This is good but the pizza at xxx is so much better." What follows is a lively conversation about the best pizza in town. (The same thing often happens with coffee, beer, burgers, sushi, breakfast joints, etc.)

In these situations, I have always wondered how one could have a strong opinion about which pizza is the best when they are not comparing the two side-by-side. Perhaps it's the fact that while I enjoy good food and drinks, I'm not much of a gourmet. The nuances of food and food memories don't stick with me, and I couldn't honestly declare a pizza (Or beer, coffee, burger or anything) the best unless I tasted them in one sitting. Thus the idea for the Best of Bozeman Pizza Tasting Party was born.


A-List Recipe: Smiling Buddha Ginger Tea

Last week's rainy weekend allowed me to revisit homemade tea and gives me the chance to share another recipe with you. I'm not much of a tea fan but have recently grown quite fond of ginger tea. (Thanks, Mike, for introducing me to Choice Organic Ginger Tea!) While in San Francisco in November, my chef buddy Deno made homemade ginger tea and it was wonderful so I decided to try it on my own. It was the perfect thing to make over a rainy weekend and is quite easy. Enjoy on a rainy spring day or any time!

Smiling Buddha Ginger Tea
~For every six ounces of water, add 12 slices of thinly cut ginger.
  • Place the ginger and water in a pot.
  • Bring to a boil.
  • Simmer for 25 minutes.
  • Voila! Your hot ginger tea is now ready. Add honey to suit your taste.
Note: If you have made enough tea to save for later, you can go either way on removing the ginger slices. If you leave them in there, it makes the tea very strong so you'll have to dilute subsequent cups of tea with water.