Beehive Basin Snow Measuring Stick

For the past three years, I have posted updates on snowpack levels at local ski areas. The readings are taken as the Steenburgh Winter comes to an end. (It ended yesterday in Southwest Montana.) Data comes from each ski resort's snow report and once recorded in these pages, the posts become a good reference point for comparing snow levels each year.The wildnerness boundary sign in Beehive is a great place to measure the snowpack.


When You're Big in Poland - Where are My Readers From?

Mountains are for clever ones, Dom Turysty, Zakopane, Poland
I'm always curious to see where my readers come from, and thanks to the analytics feature on this blog, I'm able to do just that. While it no surprise that I have readers in Serbia, Montenegro and Italy as I've recently traveled to  and have strong connections with those countries, I was pleasantly surprised to see a recent increase in readership from Poland.

So the big question is,...where are you reading from and how did you stumble upon this blog? Please leave your response in the comments section of this post. (You can do so anonymously.)


Artistic Mastery & Brotherhood Are Winning Combination for Bozeman Symphony

Bozeman SymphonyWhile there are many popular destinations located near the mountains, it is the town itself that makes Bozeman stand out from the rest. Home to Montana State University, many creative, driven and community minded people call Bozeman home. Long before it became the wildly popular destination that it is today, Bozeman boasted The Ellen Theater on Main Street (1919) a community radio station (KGLT, 1968), the Bozeman Film Society (1978), an annual performance of the Nutcracker with live orchestra (32nd annual production in 2015), and many other artistic, cultural and social amenities. Thanks to these organizations, Bozeman is more than just another pretty face in the crowd.

2016 Snowpack Update

It is that time of year when the Steenburgh Winter is coming to an end. I first posted about this concept in 2014 and gave an update last year, so it looks like it's time to check out the data and see how the Bozeman area ski areas are doing this year.