Counting My Blessings at a "Special" Place

We've all heard people talk about a "special place." One may call their grandmother's house, their beloved elementary school, a favorite summer camp, or any number of memorable locations a special place. Non-profit organizations remind supporters that their gift will help protect "this special place." As I think about special places in my life, I hope I can be more descriptive when I talk about and write about them. Yes, they are "special" but they are much more than that.


September is Music Month in Bozeman!

Live music in Bozeman can be a hit or miss affair. It seems likes months can go by with few shows to choose from.
Other times, we have the high-class problem of having so many good shows to choose from that music lovers are forced to pick and choose. September is shaping up to be quite the month for live music with one of the most diverse line ups I've seen in a while.