Fat Tire Exploration in the Gem City

Cactus, Antelope & the Spirit of Woody Guthrie
Larame mountain biking
Double-track & small rolling hills

The folks at the bike shop told me that to get to any of the mountain biking near Laramie, you had to drive to the trailhead. 

I remember from my time living here “back in the day” that there was a trail we used to ride from town called Coyote Canyon. When I asked about it, the bike shop staff told me that it is and has always been private property and discouraged me from riding it. Being a little bit rebellious (And really wanting to go on a ride without driving to a trailhead!) I set out to find it.

What awaited me was a very pleasant surprise of double track, single-track and rocky, rolling terrain. It seemed endless and I ended up riding here three days in the course of my week-long stay in Laramie.  

Slickrock? Wyoming slickrock? Something else?
Very cool rocky terrain. Wyoming slickrock?
As someone with a bad sense of direction, I felt very comfortable riding here. A maze of ride-able terrain went off in every direction but there were several landmarks in the distance and keeping them in sight helped.

One very cool part of the ride was this rocky expanse I came across. I have never ridden anything like it. Some folks call it slickrock but it was rather lumpy and I imagine slickrock to be slicker. 

Mountain biking Laramie

Whether it was true slickrock, Wyoming slickrock or something else, it was fun to ride and gave the area a very exploratory feel. I came across several sections of rock like this during my three days of riding here and in some spots it was wide enough that I couldn’t see across it. I just assumed that some sort of trail continued on the other side and it always did.
I would highly encourage any avid mountain biker to check out this terrain. To avoid pissing off the locals I won’t give too much information but just head to the edge of Laramie, look for rolling hills and get riding. A few landmark should be obvious.
Laramie slickrock
An example of some of the rocks and single-track
To address the trespassing element of the ride, it was very questionable if I was actually trespassing. At the edge of town, in a newer neighbor near some recycling bins, a double-track headed off in the distance. There was no signage of any kind so I assumed (Or naively convinced myself) I was fine. Eventually there was a fence with a “No Trespassing” sign on it so I told myself that as long as I didn’t cross the fence everything was okay. 
I couldn’t stop thinking of a line in a Woody Guthrie song… “As I went walking biking I saw a sign there. And on the sign it said "No Trespassing." But on the other side it didn't say nothing. That side was made for you and me.” 

Remember this when you ride Coyote Canyon. 

As seen along the trail...
Sepia seemed perfect for capturing the mood

The edge of town - where it all begins

Ride like an antelope out of control

Mountain biking terrain at the edge of Laramie
Cool rocky terrain right at the edge of town