Getting to know your date by what is on his/her iPod

Any lover of music cannot deny that at one time or another they have begun to form an impression of their date or a new acquaintance based on musical preferences. After all, many things make a person who they are including music. Most likely the tendency was more prevalent in one's younger years and I can recall certain friends in the 90s saying, “If he/she doesn’t want to follow the Grateful Dead with me than it’s a deal breaker.”

A DJ always has opinions when it comes to music
Although I wouldn’t dump a guy today because of incompatible taste in music, it is always interesting and insightful to find out about another’s interest (or lack of interest) in music. Because of that, this article, “What Your Taste in Music Says About You on a Date,” resonated with me.(http://www.howaboutwe.com/date-report/1610-what-your-taste-in-music-says-about-you-on-a-date/

Below I have pulled out some bands mentioned in the articles that are on my iPod and added my own commentary. I have also included a few bands at the bottom of the list that were not mentioned in the articles. Feel free to give your thoughts or add other bands in the comments area of this post.


Paul Simon: You’re sincerely insightful about your relationship issues, but in the end you decide that it’s not your fault.
I often hesitate to say anything was the “best ever” but I’m pretty certain that Paul Simon’s performance at JazzFest in 2001 was the best concert I have ever seen. He played each song, old and new alike, with equal passion and enthusiasm. Never once did you feel he was “going through the motions” or playing a tune because he know it would be a crowd pleaser. Mr. Simon is a true artist whose tunes have withstood the test of time, and who continues to produce great music to this day. I’d change the comment to say that if you like Paul Simon, “You have staying power and timeless style. You put your all into each and every relationship.”

Poster child for the coke & disco lifestyle.  
Or Rolling Stones groupie.
The Rolling Stones: You’re hot.

Joni Mitchell: You make breakfast in the morning.
While I live an active, outdoor oriented lifestyle, I do treasure a lazy morning with my guy. I won’t hesitate to make him breakfast and a strong cup of coffee. (Italian or Turkish)

Wilco: You’ll make an excellent life-partner.
Mountain Gazette once gave a list of “Mountain Love Dos and Don’ts” calling Wilco a “do” and Widespread Panic a “don’t.” As for Widespread Panic, I have included them below under a short list of bands I do not have on my iPod. Don’t know what liking Wilco has to do with making an excellent life partner but I do like Wilco and will make excellent life-partner for a to-be-determined guy. 

Peter Gabriel: Every relationship is a coming-of-age epic of which you are the star.
Don’t know about the coming-of-age epic part but according to an unnamed cousin of mine, I tend to think mighty highly of myself. I think she’s on to something.

Robert Earl Keen: You have dated a wide variety of guys/girls and know how to have a good time.
Robert Earl Keen meets the DJs
Robert Earl Keen is one of my long-standing favorites. His music encompasses a variety of my favorite musical styles and Mr. Keen has a knack for blending them in a way that meshes. This makes his music hard to describe but easy for country music lovers, folkies, rockers, and hippies to dig. The feel good/party vibe to many of his songs and his live concerts cannot be denied. 

John Denver: You are comfortable with who you are. You know quality when you see/hear it and you’re not afraid to admit it.
Same can be said of Neil Diamond. Two great songwriters, sweet singers, passionate performers. I am well past the point where I would deny that I dig these musicians.

Gregg Allman, JazzFest 2010
Allman Brothers Band: You are force to be reckoned with but can also be soulful and passionate. You sometimes get moody if others don’t appreciate your awesomeness.
(A short review here: ) if you want a better understanding of the man behind the keyboard. The book will also give you a better understanding of my take on this band. As for the moody part, you’ll get insight of that from the book and as for me, I’m a Leo. 

He can't hoop. Deal breaker?

Michael Franti & Spearhead: You are generally a happy person but don’t deny that there is sorrow in the world. Your smiles are genuine.

Michael Franti is a great musician and thoughtful songwriter who puts on an energy-filled live show. He can sing about sunshine, bombing the world, hoping for peace, the power of love and music, freaky people and more. Mr. Franti  is often positive and upbeat but like real life, he doesn’t shy away from talking about the broken things in the world.  


The party never ends.
With the Laramie posse at Red Rocks, mid-90s
Widespread Panic: You follow the crowd and will change your interests, pass times, and clothing to please your partner.
One of the most over-rated bands. Ever. I remember someone in college claiming they will be the band to follow once the Grateful Dead retire. Somehow they became that band even before Jerry died. I have listened to Widespread Panic over the years and even seen a few shows. I can honestly say I have given the band a good listen but their music has never grabbed me. I just don’t see what drives people to follow them with such zeal . Personally, I can’t fin anything unique or interesting about their sound. However, I will admit that I like the lead singer's gritty voice.

Yonder Mountain String Band: If you’re over 40 you are stuck in 1995. A good collection of tie-dyes and concert t-shirts fill your closet. You’ve got a “green card” and/or you run a dispensary. If you’re under 40 you wear a trucker hat and a hoodie.
Old school radio, KBUT circa 1999
This band, and many others like them, is the melding of two extremely popular musical styles – jam bands and bluegrass. While I don’t have them on my iPod, they don’t bug me like Widespread Panic. Years ago I went through both jam band and bluegrass phases, but today I can only take either of those genres in small doses.