Last days of a life of leisure (For now)

After losing my job in March, taking a planned (Pre-lay off) three week trip to ski tour and travel in Europe in April, coming home to few jobs prospects and subsequently renting my place at a premium price for the summer, traveling for seven more weeks, coming home again and job hunting, I am heading back to work a week from today.

Shenanigans from recent weeks
Al Dean the Cat doesn't think too much of our behavior
This is a bittersweet moment I must face as I am going to miss having my days free. The reality, however, is that it will be good to earn a paycheck again, have a place to be each day, meet new co-workers and start work in an entirely new field. Before my time is up, I will make it a point to do an additional blog entry - one with substance. I've had a few things I'd like to write about so I better get at least one of them done as my time will be limited come Monday.  

I just saw that a friend of mine posted to her blog (http://www.johannalove.com/, which is awesome by the way) after a long absence. After looking at her blog and a few others, I have realized that there a bunch of things your can do with it so I have spent some time tweaking my blog. Not quite as cool as J-Lo's but it is getting there. (I'm still frustrated that I can't get my most recent post to have a consistent font. I keep copying and editing and cutting and pasting and nothing changes. Ugh, technology!) More pimping out of the blog to come!

A college friend had this as her beloved first car.
I try to take a photo whenever I see one. Spotted in Denver in 2010.
Sadly I don't have any photos of my Red Honda.
May have to dig through old albums and find one to scan.
Some of the new changes...you'll notice that you now have the chance to translate this blog. I have added a "gadget" to the bottom of the page (You've gotta scroll past all of the blog entries. It's on the absolute bottom of the page) that allows you to do that. And I have added a poll, which also appears at the bottom of the page. Please check it out. I couldn't figure out a way to add comments to the poll because comments are where things get interesting.

The question... if you could have one back from your past, which would it be and why? Your first car or you first boyfriend/girlfriend?

I have asked this question on Facebook in the past and it is always very fun to see people's reactions. For me the answer is my first car, a 1990 Honda Civic. It was a red four-door sedan, could go a long way on one tank of gas,  and never let me down. Please respond to the poll and share your thoughts in the comment section of this post.

Now...on to more biking, hiking, socializing, writing and fun before the week is up!