R.I.P. Al Dean the Cat

Al Dean the Cat
Al Dean the Cat of Bozeman, Montana passed away peacefully on January 30, 2015 after a bout with mega-colon.

He was born in 2002 but specifics regarding the early part of his life remain uncertain. He arrived at the Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter in fall 2005 and lived in a big cage with the other large cats as they all had to eat the same diet food. He left the shelter in August 2006 when he was adopted by Ann Vinciguerra. Initially, he missed the camaraderie of the other cats and his predictable life at the shelter. He spent the first week at Ann's home hidden behind the toilet bowl, but soon settled into the comfortable life of being a pet.

Al Dean lead a full and meaningful life. He enjoyed napping in sunny windows, playing with the knitting, drinking out of the toilet bowl, pawing at Mike's necklace, and running up and down the stairs. Weighing in at a hefty 18 pounds for most of his life,  sporting a sleek, thick black coat, with large gold eyes, and small feline fangs,  Al Dean was an extremely handsome and memorable cat. Those close to him suspect he was a football player in his past life; athletic with big, broad shoulders and strong legs, and kinda dumb, but a really nice guy who was liked by everyone.
With his owner

Al Dean was Ann's first pet and will be missed. Ann wishes to thank Mike Best and the Purcell family for being his good friend and caregiver; Jim Bergman and Dave Hoffman for allowing Al Dean to stay at their homes while she was on vacation; Candace Ainslie, Jen Reilly, and Sue Perin for always asking about Al Dean even though they rarely saw him; Connie and Shane, Maureen, Rob and Ellen, Tristan, and Merry and Andy who dropped in to feed him from time to time; the doctors and staff at Faithful Friends Animal Clinic; and countless friends, house guests, and roommates who were always kind and loving to Al Dean.

Being a lap cat with Mike
Al Dean the Cat is survived by his owner Ann Vinciguerra, her partner Mike Best, and his cat Tuck. He was buried in Ann's small urban garden. Donations may be made in his memory to Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter, 1549 E. Cameron Bridge Rd, Bozeman MT 59718.

At home under Montana's big sky