A Sampling of Ski Adventures From the Past Few Weeks

Atmospheric Turns Down Hyalite Peak
I haven't posted anything for a while but my recent adventures have produced some fond memories and good photos. The weather continues to be warm and it looks like winter has made an early departure from town. Flowers are slowly starting to bloom, and we've already had over a week of dry trails for mountain biking. While I am glad to have that as an after-work exercise option, I'm disturbed at the fact that we are mountain biking in the town of Bozeman in March!

Winter hasn't been a complete bust and despite working too much, I have managed to get in many fun days of backcountry skiing.  Several storms and good timing on my part allowed me to get in three excellent days in Hyalite Canyon in a short period of time - two tours up Hyalite Peak and one up Blackmore Peak. Each time, I was able to make it up there shortly after the storm and the weather stayed cold. Pair that with good partners and little wind so it ended up being three memorable days in the mountains. I am really lucky.

Our posse for the outing
Contemplating my small place in the universe
As you can see, during one of our trips up Hyalite Peak, we can across a mix of sun and clouds. When we reached the ridgeline that heads to the peak, it was covered in clouds. We decided to summit despite lack of a good view but eventually the skies changed and the clouds began to lift, offering views of mountains that were only partly cloud-obstructed. We spent about half an hour on the summit "oohing and aahing" with surprisingly little wind and pleasant temps. Really stunning.

Ridge between Beehive & Middle Basins
Subsequent ski outings weren't as glorious including a five hour tour in Middle and Beehive Basins. It was one of those in-between days - not quite warm enough to soften the snow but not quite cold enough to keep ski conditions wintery. With firm snow to skin and re-frozen ski tracks to navigate on the descent, it was a long and tedious day. Some would call such a day "character building" and I would have to agree. But no complains because as we all know, it is always nice to be exploring the mountains on skis, and you never know what conditions will be like unless you try. One of my partners managed to capture this great photo.

It's been a crazy winter weather-wise with variable snow conditions. The key to surviving is to have varied interests and being willing to get outside regardless of what the weather is doing. Be flexible and remember, Mother Nature always has the last say. I am ready for whatever comes our way. Bring it on!