September is Music Month in Bozeman!

Live music in Bozeman can be a hit or miss affair. It seems likes months can go by with few shows to choose from.
Other times, we have the high-class problem of having so many good shows to choose from that music lovers are forced to pick and choose. September is shaping up to be quite the month for live music with one of the most diverse line ups I've seen in a while.

The month started off with a sold out show by Gregory Alan Isakov at the Filling Station, Martin Sexton packed Faultline North earlier this week and tickets for the Bozeman Symphony's on Saturday sit on my dresser. Add to that Montana Extreme Metal (Skipped it), Elephant Revival (Maybe I should have gone), the Bozeman return of Blitzen Trapper to round out the month, and handful of other shows at Peach Street Studios, Faultline North, and the Filling Station. Even Vootie Productions presented music on simultaneous evenings earlier in the month. Wow! Bozeman, at least for now, is a music mecca!

I was very excited to make it to a show at Faultline North for the first time. This venue opened in the spring and size-wise falls in between the Filling Station and bigger venues such as the Emerson and the Willson. The space doubles as a recording studio and events center so it is a really nice addition to the Bozeman scene. While I was overall very pleased with the venue, I was a bit disappointed by the layout. I was surprised (as were others I spoke with) that the performance space was just a big open FLAT area. It would have been nice to have it rise up in the back so concert-goers have a good view of the stage throughout the venue. Even an elevated platform on the sides of the hall would be an improvement - perhaps the owner has this in mind for the future. There is a balcony space, which was closed the evening I was there. I spoke with others that were there for various shows and no on has seen it open. What's up with that?

Overall, it is great that Bozeman has a  new concert venue. With shows filling Faultline North several nights of the week, I do hope that great live music continues to come to town. Check out this post if you want to find out more about some other great venues for music.