And Now For Something Completely Different...Mixing It Up on My Radio Show

One of the joys of being a volunteer DJ at KGLT is sharing my favorite music with listeners. One the Bus with Annie V on KGLT. 6-9 pm alternating Sundays

My show, On the Bus with Annie V., explores the best of Americana both old and new. Long before the term "Americana" made its way into widespread usage, this is the type of music I have listened to, so it was the obvious choice for me to play on my show when I became a DJ.

However, there are many other styles of music that get me excited and are worth a listen. Fortunately for me, KGLT is totally free-format with no per-determined playlists or set musical expectations from its DJs. When the mood strikes me, I am free to play what I want.

That mood struck during last night's show, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting out of my usual music theme and exploring something totally different. My set list is attached. I'm not the only one who was digging the music as many friends and regular listeners called in their praise. Apparently, I was "killin' it!"

Part of my inspiration for this show was to play something upbeat and celebratory as 2015 comes to an end. It would have been the perfect setlist for a New Year's Eve show, but since the holiday falls on Friday this year, I was not to be the DJ to get the party going for New Year's Eve. I had a great time putting this show together and it was really fun to create a playlist of old classics. Hopefully listeners were dancing up a storm as they do what it is they usually do on a Sunday evening! 

I'm on the air again every other Sunday, 6-9 pm. You can stream live. www.kglt.net. Tune in for some great Americana, but this is community radio so anything can happen. Calls and requests are always welcome (406-994-4492).