When You're Big in Poland - Where are My Readers From?

Mountains are for clever ones, Dom Turysty, Zakopane, Poland
I'm always curious to see where my readers come from, and thanks to the analytics feature on this blog, I'm able to do just that. While it no surprise that I have readers in Serbia, Montenegro and Italy as I've recently traveled to  and have strong connections with those countries, I was pleasantly surprised to see a recent increase in readership from Poland.

So the big question is,...where are you reading from and how did you stumble upon this blog? Please leave your response in the comments section of this post. (You can do so anonymously.)

Early on in this blog, I posted a tale of my hiking adventure in the Tatra Mountas that straddle the Poland-Slovakia border. I have fond memories of my time spent in those countries in 2003 and would love to go back. Both Slovakia and Poland have much to offer visitors without the pretense and crowds of other European destinations. Worth a visit for sure!