Independence Day Exploration in the Crazy Mountains

July 4th is a great time to celebrate America's independence, but it is even a better time to get out for a few days in the mountains. Mike and I always manage to do something memorable over the Independence Day holiday and this year was no exception. Our destination, the Crazy Mountains.

While I had been skiing in the Crazy Mountains, other than a short bike ride and a short tootle, I hadn't really explored them.Wow! They were much more dynamic than I had expected. While the Crazies are a relatively small mountain range in area, the relief is pretty dramatic.  Mountains lakes are perched high up in the mountains among rocky cirques and the scenery is as stunning as anywhere else in southwest Montana. Steep rocky walls, permanent snow fields, open meadows, waterfalls and water gushing everywhere.

We were out for two nights and although the trail seems to get a lot of use, we didn't see too many other groups our entire three days on the trail. Additionally, we were very glad to see that other than a moment or two down low on day one the bugs were not out in full force. Of course, the weather stayed pleasant the entire time never getting too hot, and the second night was downright cold, so probably not idea weather for bugs. Overall, a great trip.

Below are a few highlights from out trip.
Destination Night #1, Campfire Lake
In the big meadow on the way to Glacier Lake
Water was gushing everywhere
Lots of creek crossings. Notice Mike's cerulean Croc's

Another creek crossing. Notice my pink Croc's