This is Bozeman - Retelling the Story

A Work-in-Progress

Mike and I walked in the rain to meet Cathy and Don for dinner at a place that screams, "I'm a pizza parlor," while offering gluten-free and sprouted grain crusts.
In the several blocks it took us to get there, Bozeman transitioned from a series of modest yet desirable homes to new boutique apartments to a row of small white Monopoly houses soon to be demolished. A white ramshackle apartment building was thrown into the mix that at first glance looked to be abandon but upon closer inspection revealed a man sitting in an easy chair in the living room.

We both couldn't help but chuckle. "All of this new development is 'ruining' Bozeman," folks are fond of saying. True it is changing, but we marveled at how old and new Bozeman sat side-by-side.
All you have to do is take a look around and you'll see the contrasts. They are in Bozeman's alleys and far-off corners as well as on its main arteries and thoroughfares. Bozeman's spirit is still there if you keep your eyes open and will be for a while. It's going to take a lot to kill it.

Bozeman, a star or a part of the galaxy?Bozeman is beautiful but like a girl during that tumultuous period of adolescence, you can't help but wonder what will happen to her.  She is just starting to become aware of her own beauty but it is yet to be seen if she'll develop a domineering ego.  
Will she be content to "just be" or will she constantly demand center stage? You hope she'll sit comfortably with her beauty and realize that you don't always have to be the star. It is just as important and meaningful to be part of the galaxy. A folksy aunt might encourage her to be, as John Hartford said in his song, gentle on the mind.

The speedy people of Bozeman zoom, zoom, zoom around. Many look the same and behave sheep-like but their insides scream "Look at me. I'm independent and one-of-a-kind."

Bozeman and her crew will tell you that "here" is not the same as "there."
"We" are "this way" and "they" are "that way."
 "They" don't understand "us."
"Here" is young and "there" is old.
A wise senator from Montana once said we are more interconnected than we realize. Six degrees (and in many cases fewer) separate us all. One day Bozeman and her posse will understand this but like the advice from the aunt, they are not yet ready to receive it.
It was a great night of good food, delightful company and lively conversation. Contrasts were everywhere.