Writing Exercise - Where Are You Now?

There's a room in Carolyn's new house that is a great nook for relaxation and contemplation.  The old owners converted a garage into this space and Carolyn has it partitioned off from the kitchen and the rest of the house to literally keep the cats away from the dog. It is a quiet oasis for readers, writers and cats. The others have gone out to walk the dog and look at the hobbit houses while I have some down-time to work on this writing exercise and a chill for a bit.
Carolyn's house & our crazy relatives!

I'm in a comfy chair and share this cozy room with two sweet cats. Bonnie comes out from her burrow behind couch cushions, convinced as she always is, that we have all come here to admire her. Bonnie and I jockey for position on the chair, she for more space on my lap, me for more light and more room so I can keep writing. They say to write every day and to keep the pen moving (Or the fingers typing as is my case right now) are the best ways to write prodigiously. So I'll keep pushing ahead trying to capture the feel of where I am at this moment in time.

Carolyn's new house is a dream. Built in the 1940s, they were popular with mid-level executives that worked at Mac Trucks located near by. Today, the neighborhood retains a peaceful charm. Stones line the houses and trees drop their big leaves painting lawns a canvas of dull red, yellow and orange.

I am here with my family, my partner and furry companions. A new house gets me thinking of new beginnings and all that we have to be thankful for. Life is good.