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MSU's International Food Bazaar Delivers Diversity

Montana State University International Food Bazaar
A review of the Montana State University International Food Bazaar

Each February, MSU's Office of International Programs hosts the International Food Bazaar. This is an excellent chance to sample a variety of food from around the world and to to realize that diversity does exist in Bozeman.   

This year's event was stellar, as always. Over 20 countries were represented in the food offerings, and the event's organizers have gotten really efficient at making the even run smoothly. Rumor has it that over 3,000 people attended. The crowd packed into the ballroom of the student union and it was busy for sure, but folks spread out nicely and the atmosphere was festive.

Montana State University International Food Bazaar
Each time I go to the Food Bazaar I'm in culinary heaven. Foods and flavors not available in Bozeman restaurants can be found in abundance, and sampling them is a delight. I always leave slight bummed out knowing that after this meal, it is back to the same high-quality yet largely tame food offerings found around town

The Food Bazaar also features entertainment from around the world. It was while eating and watching the performances that I had to snap this photo.  It was the diversity and contrasts that struck me: down jacket, women in head scarves, baby with over-sized gold iPhone, people tango dancing.

It was so nice (And unfortunately rate) to see all these contrasts in one place in Bozeman.  Many times we silo up in our little worlds surrounding ourselves with people who look like us, dress like up and act like us. The Food Bazaar was a reminder that many different folks call Bozeman home, and it was great to come together to share a meal and enjoy a nice evening out. I wish life could always feel so warm and connected.