Sharing, Reading, Recycling

I have long been a big fan of books, reading and libraries. My enthusiasm started at a young age, and I have fond memories of the library and library class at Fernbrook School as well as youth library programs at the Randolph Public Library. Given my enthusiasm for books and libraries, I have been quite delighted to see that free, neighborhood-based "libraries" have started to appear throughout Bozeman.

The first library I discovered was located in a neighborhood near the MSU campus and I have come across three others since then. I can only hope that there are others scattered around town and across the valley.

The organization Little Free Library is leading some of these efforts but I imagine other groups and individuals are running similar programs. The website states that as of July 2015, over 30,000 registered libraries can be found in all 50 states and over 70 countries.

I always seem to have an abundance of books so I like the idea of leaving them for others via the free libraries. To date, I picked up and dropped off several books (Including a copy of Catcher in the Rye, which I picked up for Mike) and see that a wide range of books, from classic novels to self-help books to children's books and more, can be found in these community book depositories. The idea of bringing people and communities together through the sharing of books is a cool concept indeed.

To date, I have discovered four free libraries in Bozeman. If you come across others in Bozeman and beyond, please leave their location in the comments section of this blog.

Bozeman Community Book Depositories
  1. 13th & Alderson, northeast corner of the intersection
  2. North Church & Fridley
  3. East side of South Willson, in between Grant and Lincoln
  4. South 14, west side of the street in between Alderson & Dickerson (Just discovered this on 9.23.15!) 
  5. East Garfield & South Bozeman, first house on the southwest side of the intersection (I found this for the first time on 5.21.16.)
  6. North Plum Ave, two houses south of Orange Ave, west side of street (Discovered in May 2017)
  7. North Black Ave, west side of the street, between Short & Lamme (I spoke with the owner who installed this library in June 2017)
  8. North Ferguson & Carbon, south side of Carbon, first condo on the corner (Discovered June  2017)
  9. 300 block of South Grand, east side of the street, middle of the block (Discovered July 28, 2017)
  10. 200 block of North Yellowstone Ave, east side of the street, middle of the block (Discovered August 2017)
  11. 200 block of South 3rd, east side of the street, middle of the block (Discovered September 2017)
  12. South 6th & Arthur, house on the south east corner (Discovered October 23, 2017)