Turn Your Radio On: Music for an American Mood

Latest playlist from last night's stellar show. A big thanks to everyone who turned in.

Wow! What a great show! So many friends listening both locally and around the world via live streaming. And the phone calls from fans. You really know how to make a DJ's night!

I was especially inspired to play a great show as my friend Dave was in town. He is spending a year living in Vietnam for work and was home for a visit. In an email prior to his arrival, he said priorities for his visit were mountains, bike riding, freedom, eating tacos, Bruce Springsteen and bald eagles.

It is not surprising that Dave has experienced a range of mixed emotions about living abroad, missing home and the reality of work. Since his time in Vietnam, Dave has made comments about 'merica, and I envy his chance to get away as I imagine he has found new insight on a country so many of us have a love/hate relationship with.

Couple these emotions with Dave's taste in music and it got me thinking about songs to celebrate America, coming home and feeling good. An idea for a great radio show was born and the playlist found below is what I came up with. As I look over this playlist, I realize there are so many more songs I could have included. Perhaps I should revisit this theme for a radio show at some point in the future.

I'd love to here your suggestions for songs around this theme so please feel free to share your favorite tunes about America, coming home and feeling good in the comments section of this post.

You can find all of the playlists here: http://www.kglt.net/index.php/programming/playlists and you can stream KGLT: http://www.kglt.net/index.php/programming/streaming-audio I'm on from 6-9 pm on alternating Sundays.